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Context of 'October 15, 1979: Regime of Carlos Humberto Romero Overthrown in Coup'

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A group of reformist civilian and military officials in El Salvador organize a coup to overthrow the regime of General Carlos Humberto Romero. The group is made up of a mix of reformists with a genuine interest in political and economic reform and anticommunist hardliners concerned that the Romero regime was incapable of preventing a leftist uprising from taking over the country as had happened earlier in the year in Nicaragua. [Montgomery, 1995, pp. 73-75] Two army colonels, Adolfo Arnoldo Majano and Jaime Abdul Gutierrez, serve as the figureheads of the new regime. They promise land reform, greater political tolerance, democratic elections, an end to corruption, and a stop to the harsh repression by security forces. [Washington Post, 10/21/1979]

Entity Tags: Adolfo Arnoldo Majano, Jaime Abdul Gutierrez

Timeline Tags: US-El Salvador (1980-2002)

Venezuelan Rear Admiral Carlos Molina, along with a group of dissident officers led by Air Force Colonel Pedro Soto begin planning the overthrow of President Hugo Chavez. At some point before the April 11 coup, he leaves the group to join a more powerful faction of senior navy and national guard officers. [Washington Post, 4/21/2002, pp. A01]

Entity Tags: Carlos Molina, Pedro Soto

Timeline Tags: US-Venezuela (1948-2005)

Venezuelan Rear Admiral Carlos Molina reportedly attends meetings with US officials during the weeks leading up to the April 11 overthrow of Hugo Chavez, according to several retired Venezuelan military officers and members of the post-coup provisional government. Molina however denies this in a post-coup interview with the Washington Post. According to Molinas, he had not had any contact with US officials “for many months.” [Washington Post, 4/21/2002, pp. A01]

Entity Tags: Carlos Molina

Timeline Tags: US International Relations, US-Venezuela (1948-2005)


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