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Context of 'January 1993: New Czech Deputy Minister of Defense Appointed'

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Miroslav Kalousek, who will go on to become an influential Czech politician, takes his first government job. He is hired as the head of a specialist section subordinate to Czechoslovak Deputy Prime Minister Antonin Baudys. [Novinky(.cz), 2010]

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Miroslav Kalousek is appointed deputy minister of defense for economics in the Czech Republic. [Novinky(.cz), 6/9/2009; Novinky(.cz), 2010] He will be responsible for the department’s budget, restructuring the army, and administering procurement. Kalousek is appointed by the current minister of defence, Antonin Baudys, but will remain in his position long after Baudys departs, finally exiting the department in 1998. [Novinky(.cz), 2010]

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TOP 09, a new right-wing Czech political party guided by Miroslav Kalousek, submits an application for its registration to the Ministry of the Interior. Registering with the ministry is the step that will formally establish the party and allow it to compete in elections. The party’s preparatory committee has already received numerous applications for membership. “We are pleasantly surprised,” says Kalousek. “We thank them [the applicants] and are writing that they can become members when the party is formally established.” [Mlada fronta DNES, 6/15/2009]

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Richard Hava, an influential Czech arms dealer and the owner of Omnipol, comes to the headquarters of the center-right party TOP 09, which is celebrating this day’s success in Czech elections to the lower house. “I’ve just stopped here, I support them,” says Hava, who stays for around an hour. Hava adds that he has come to congratulate his friend Miroslav Kalousek, a deputy chairman of the party. “We didn’t discuss anything secret. I just congratulated him when I was going past,” comments Hava. [Hospodarske noviny, 5/29/2010] The friendship between Kalousek and Hava dates to Kalousek’s controversial stint as deputy minister of defense, when he was responsible for procurement (see January 1993). [Novinky(.cz), 2010]

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