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(9:47 a.m.) September 11, 2001: Passenger Jeremy Glick Tells of Vote to Take Over Flight 93

On Flight 93, Jeremy Glick is still on the phone with his wife, Lyz. He tells her that the passengers are taking a vote if they should try to take over the plane or not. (Hillston 10/28/2001; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 10/28/2001) He later says that all the men on the plane have voted to attack the hijackers. (Mandel 9/16/2001) When asked about weapons, he says they don’t have guns, just knives. This appears to contradict an earlier mention of guns. His wife gets the impression from him that the hijacker standing nearby, claiming to hold the bomb, would be easy to overwhelm. (Longman 2002, pp. 153-154)

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