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Context of 'August 2004: Estimated 5,000 Detainees Being Held at Abu Ghraib'

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Six detainees escape from Camp Ganci in Abu Ghraib. (US Department of the Army 3/9/2004)

The worst mortar attack on Abu Ghraib to date takes place. Twenty-two Iraqi detainees are killed and more than 100 injured. (American Forces Press Service 9/21/2004)

On May 14, 2004, 293 prisoners are released from Abu Ghraib prison. (CNN 5/18/2004) Over the next weeks until mid-June, an estimated additional 1,680 prisoners are released from the prison. (Pound 6/21/2004) Prior to these mass releases, there were about 3,800 prisoners at Abu Ghraib. (CNN 5/18/2004)

The number of inmates at Abu Ghraib is estimated to be about 5,000. (Asser 8/4/2004)

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