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Profile: Dennis Greenhill

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Sir Paul Gore-Booth, a senior official at the Foreign Office, writes to diplomat Dennis Greenhill about the “population problem” on the island of Diego Garcia where the US and Britain want to establish a military base (see 1963-1965). “We must surely be very tough about this,” he says. “The object of the exercise is to get some rocks which will remain ours… There will be no indigenous population except seagulls… The United States Government will require the removal of the entire population of the atoll by July.” In his reply, Greenhill says, “Unfortunately along with the birds go some few Tarzans or Man Fridays whose origins are obscure and who are hopefully being wished on to Mauritius.” (BBC 11/3/2000; Miller 11/4/2000; Schuler 3/1/2001; CBS News 6/13/2003; British Royal Courts of Justice 10/9/2003; Pilger 10/2/2004; Pilger 10/22/2004)

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