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  • Special assistant to the library director

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Employees of the Republican-financed political consulting firm, Sproul & Associates, contact the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to request space outside its buildings to register voters. According to Holly McCullough, special assistant to the library director, a woman from the firm claims that she represents America Votes, a nonpartisan but liberal-leaning organization. McCullough agrees to provide the space on the condition that their activities are non-partisan and that there is “no issue advocacy.” But several days later, McCullough will receive a call from Ryan Hughes, director of the Woods Run library branch, saying that patrons have complained about the behavior of the canvassers (see September 7, 2004). [Philadelphia Daily News, 10/19/2004; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/20/2004]

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At the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a library patron complains that canvassers registering voters in front of the library are asking people for whom they intend to vote. “There’s this person out there asking me who I was voting for,” the person says. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/20/2004] The canvassers are working for Sproul & Associates, a firm that claims to be non-partisan (See Before September 6, 2004). When librarian Holly McCullough calls the company to complain, she’s told that the workers are asking people about their political affiliations “because they were doing some market analysis in the area.” In response, McCullough counters they were only supposed to be doing registrations, not market analysis. Then Sproul claims that the temp agency is at fault because it is not following the rules. When asked if the firm is really with America Votes, they claim, “We’ve always represented that we were Sproul, and America Votes is a non-partisan group we’re working with,” adding that there “is another, partisan America Votes, and we’re not affiliated with them.” McCullough then tells them that they are no longer welcome at her library. [Salon, 10/21/2004]

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Timeline Tags: 2004 Elections


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