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Miroslav Kalousek, who will go on to be an influential Czech politician, joins a political party for the first time. He becomes a member of the Christian Democrats (KDU-ČSL), which at this time is a minority partner in a Communist-led National Front government of Czechoslovakia. [Novinky(.cz), 2010]

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Miroslav Kalousek, who will go on to become an influential Czech politician, takes his first government job. He is hired as the head of a specialist section subordinate to Czechoslovak Deputy Prime Minister Antonin Baudys. [Novinky(.cz), 2010]

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Miroslav Kalousek is appointed deputy minister of defense for economics in the Czech Republic. [Novinky(.cz), 6/9/2009; Novinky(.cz), 2010] He will be responsible for the department’s budget, restructuring the army, and administering procurement. Kalousek is appointed by the current minister of defence, Antonin Baudys, but will remain in his position long after Baudys departs, finally exiting the department in 1998. [Novinky(.cz), 2010]

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Lubomir Kasak, the owner of the construction contractor IDOS Praha, contributes CZK 500,000 (approximately US$15,000) to the election campaign of Miroslav Kalousek, a candidate for the center-right Christian Democrats (KDU-ČSL) in forthcoming elections to the Czech Chamber of Deputies. Kasak is Kalousek’s brother-in-law. [Mlada fronta DNES, 3/26/2002]

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Czech businessman Lubomir Kasak, owner of the construction contractor IDOS Praha, rents a luxury flat to Miroslav Kalousek, a member of the Chamber of Deputies for the Christian Democrats, and his brother-in-law, at a very large discount. The flat is in the upmarket area of Veleslavin in Prague, measures almost 200 meters square, and has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The Kalousek family previously lived in a two-bedroom flat in a pre-fabricated tower block. According to Kalousek, the rent is CZK 15,000 (approximately US$450). However, the market rent for such an apartment would be three or four times higher. Kasak will say that he initially bought the flat, for CZK 6.5 million (approximately US$200,000), because he thought his 12-year-old son was soon to move to Prague, but then decided not to. Kasak will add that the loss is insignificant to a businessman like him. “The loss for me is like when one worker does nothing for four days,” he will comment. [Mlada fronta DNES, 3/26/2002]

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Cyril Svoboda, leader of a grouping of Czech center-right political parties known as the Four-Coalition (Ctyrkoalice), resigns from his position over the formation of a shadow cabinet to oppose the country’s current government. Svoboda is replaced as the coalition’s leader by Karel Kuhnl, chairman of the Freedom Union (Unie svobody), the grouping’s second largest member. Svoboda refused to lead the shadow cabinet because of the presence in it of Miroslav Kalousek, like Svoboda a member of the Christian Democrat Party (KDU-CSL). Svoboda had given party colleagues an ultimatum that he would not sit in the same shadow cabinet as Kalousek and forced them to choose between the two men. They chose Kalousek, who becomes shadow minister of industry and trade. Svoboda’s objections to Kalousek concern his previous work as deputy minister of defence, when he was involved in procurement decisions. Hana Marvanova, another member of the Freedom Union, also exits the Four-Coalition’s leadership over objections to Kalousek’s presence. [Mlada fronta DNES, 4/1/2001]

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Miroslav Kalousek is elected the new chairman of the Czech Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL), defeating the current chairman and foreign minister Cyril Svoboda in the second round of voting at the party’s conference in Ostrava. Kalousek obtained 164 votes, whereas Svoboda only got 131, but was then elected to one of the five deputy chairman positions. Shortly before the election, Mirek Topolanek, chairman of the center-right Civic Democratic Party (ODS), had indirectly supported Kalousek over Svoboda in a speech to the conference, whereas Prime Minister Vladimir Spidla of the Social Democrats (CSSD) had offered indirect support to Svoboda, the favourite before the election. Despite this assistance, Svoboda’s position was hampered by his unpopular support for the US-led invasion of Iraq, his pro-European orientation, and, in particular, the party’s poor performance in recent elections, which may be the deciding factor between the two candidates. [Novinky(.cz), 11/8/2003]

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The Czech Christian Democrat party (KDU-CSL) re-elects its chairman, Miroslav Kalousek, for another four-year term. There is no other candidate and Kalousek receives 249 of 316 possible votes. [Novinky(.cz), 11/12/2005]

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Czech President Vaclav Klaus appoints a new government of the Czech Republic. The incoming prime minister is Mirek Topolanek, of the right-leaning Civic Democratic Party (ODS). The government comprises a coalition of three parties, led by the ODS, but also including the center-right Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) and central Green Party (SZ). Besides Topolanek, the leading figures in the government include Jiri Cunek, chairman of the Christian Democrats and minister for local development, Miroslav Kalousek (KDU-CSL), who will be minister of finance, and Martin Bursik, chairman of the Green Party and minister of the environment. The government now has 30 days to win a vote of confidence in the Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of the Czech parliament. [Mlada fronta DNES, 1/9/2007]

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A number of high-profile personalities leave the Czech Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL). The first to go is former party chairman Miroslav Kalousek, who has already announced his intention to leave and form a new party, to be called TOP 09. He is followed by lower house deputy, Vlasta Parkanova, who intends to follow Kalousek into TOP 09, her colleague Pavel Severa, and Senator Ludmila Mullerova. The exits mean that a total of five deputies have recently left the party. “Today I left the party and handed over my party card,” says Kalousek, adding that the KDU-CSL’s deputies club can throw him out if it wants. Whereas Severa says he is upset at the recent election of Cyril Svoboda to the position of party chairman, because of personal issues—in particular a property dispute—Svoboda is involved in, Parkanova is unhappy over an apparent move by the party to the left. [Novinky(.cz), 6/9/2009]

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Former foreign minister and current senator Karel Schwarzenberg will lead the newly announced Czech right-wing political party TOP 09, says the party’s founder Miroslav Kalousek. Schwarzenberg will be the only candidate proposed for the position of chairman. Kalousek persuaded the popular 71-year-old Schwarzenberg, formerly associated with the Green Party, to join TOP 09. “The voter expects something new, that will get us out of the politics of the last few years. The sense of TOP 09 is alternative,” says Schwarzenberg at a press conference. [Mladá fronta DNES, 6/11/2009]

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TOP 09, a new right-wing Czech political party guided by Miroslav Kalousek, submits an application for its registration to the Ministry of the Interior. Registering with the ministry is the step that will formally establish the party and allow it to compete in elections. The party’s preparatory committee has already received numerous applications for membership. “We are pleasantly surprised,” says Kalousek. “We thank them [the applicants] and are writing that they can become members when the party is formally established.” [Mlada fronta DNES, 6/15/2009]

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Richard Hava, an influential Czech arms dealer and the owner of Omnipol, comes to the headquarters of the center-right party TOP 09, which is celebrating this day’s success in Czech elections to the lower house. “I’ve just stopped here, I support them,” says Hava, who stays for around an hour. Hava adds that he has come to congratulate his friend Miroslav Kalousek, a deputy chairman of the party. “We didn’t discuss anything secret. I just congratulated him when I was going past,” comments Hava. [Hospodarske noviny, 5/29/2010] The friendship between Kalousek and Hava dates to Kalousek’s controversial stint as deputy minister of defense, when he was responsible for procurement (see January 1993). [Novinky(.cz), 2010]

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