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Profile: Private Security Systems Development

a.k.a. Desarrollo de Sistemas de Seguridad Privada

Private Security Systems Development was a participant or observer in the following events:

Two Israelis, Salvador Gersson Smike, 34, and Sar Ben Zui, 27, are arrested in the Mexican Congress Building in Mexico City. Smike is carrying a plastic 9 mm sophisticated Glock 9 mm pistol tucked into his underwear in his lower back. Glock pistols are made with a special plastic material and are very easy to smuggle. (Bello 10/11/2001; El Heraldo de Mexico (Mexico City) 10/11/2001; Paez and Mejia 10/12/2001) He also has with him a briefcase reported to contain 58 bullets, bomb-making materials, three detonators, and nine grenades. (El Heraldo de Mexico (Mexico City) 10/11/2001) The two were apprehended after ex-sugarcane workers, who were waiting for a congressional hearing, saw the two Israelis behaving strangely at around 4:00 p.m. They were reportedly photographing the workers below the belt. When the workers demanded that the two men identify themselves, the Israelis said they were press photographers. The workers dismissed their claims, overcame them, and then discovered they were armed with pistols and other high caliber arms. The two men had apparently also been seen the day before taking pictures. (Paez and Mejia 10/12/2001) Security guards soon arrived, disarmed the men, and took them to the security office. At around 6:00 p.m., it is learned that the two men are Israelis and that one of them, Salvador Gersson, is a former colonel of the Israeli Special Forces. (Bello 10/11/2001; Diario de Mexico (Mexico City) 10/11/2001 pdf file) Soon after, a man claiming to be a supervisor from the company, Desarrollo de Sistemas de Seguridad Privada (Private Security Systems Development), says the two men are employees at the firm and that they were taking pictures because they are “vacationing.” The journalists who are present scoff at the claim. (Bello 10/11/2001; El Heraldo de Mexico (Mexico City) 10/11/2001) After October 13, no additional information is reported about the incident.

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