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Profile: Tyson Foods, Inc.

Tyson Foods, Inc. was a participant or observer in the following events:

Paul Bremer, US administrator for Iraq, signs Order 12, suspending all trade restrictions such as tariffs and customs duties until December 31, 2003. (Coalition Provisional Authority 6/7/2003 pdf file) The policy is expected to have a negative impact on Iraq’s economy. In 2002, the gross domestic product (GDP) of Iraq was $25 billion. In 2003, it is expected to be $15 billion. Iraqi manufacturers complain that after 12 years of strangulation by UN sanctions they are nowhere near ready to compete with cheap foreign imports. A month after Bremer’s order, the San Francisco Chronicle will report that textile plants and clothing factories are being devastated by clothing from China. And chicken legs dumped on the Iraqi market by the American company Tyson will force Al-Helli Chicken Co., a former major chicken butcher, to lay off all but 20 of the firm’s 140 workers. (Collier 7/10/2003) The move also reportedly leads disgruntled Iraqi businessmen and manufacturers to begin funding the insurgency. (Klein 9/24/2004)

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