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Profile: Viktor Strelnikov

Viktor Strelnikov was a participant or observer in the following events:

The Ukrainian government admits illegal arms dealers sold 12 Kh55 (X-55) cruise missiles to Iran and six to China in 2001 (see 2001). The missiles, with a range of 1550 miles, would give Iran the capability to strike Israel. The missiles, designed to carry nuclear warheads, were manufactured in 1987 with a reported service life of eight years. Former Russian Air Force commander Viktor Strelnikov and specialists who examined the missiles said that they were marked with the inscription “training.” Iran does not operate long-range bombers and experts say Iran would probably have to adapt its Soviet-built Su-24 strike aircraft to launch the missile. (BBC 3/18/2005; Daily Star (Beirut) 3/18/2005; Warner 3/18/2005; GlobalSecurity (.org) 4/28/2005)

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