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War in Afghanistan

Open-Content investigative project managed by mtuck

This is the home page for the War in Afghanistan investigative project, one of several grassroots investigations being hosted on the History Commons website. The data published as part of this investigation has been collected, organized, and published by members of the public who are registered users of this website.

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8/10/2009 Occupation Events, Tillman Death Covered

The War in Afghanistan is quite active, with new contributors Rye and VPresley documenting the US occupation and the death of Pat Tillman, respectively. Both contributors have large amounts of material ready to publish in the next few days. We welcome your contributions to this project.


2/22/2009 Progress

We’ve finished crossposting information from other projects and timelines, and have added some new material as well. We’re looking forward to the contributions of two of our new grant recipients to fill out this project. If you would like to be part of this process, please volunteer by clicking the link above. We welcome your support!


1/11/2009 New Project, and a Slightly Different Approach

This project is being handled a little differently than is usual for the Commons. The contributors have long desired a project devoted entirely to the US-led war in Afghanistan, and the events and issues that led to that war. Much material about the Afghan war, and the terrorist groups and organizations that are such key players in it, exists in other …


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