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US Civil Liberties

Open-Content investigative project managed by Paul, KJF, mtuck, paxvector

This is the home page for the US Civil Liberties investigative project, one of several grassroots investigations being hosted on the History Commons website. The data published as part of this investigation has been collected, organized, and published by members of the public who are registered users of this website.

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US Civil Liberties (1858)

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7/3/2012 Voting Rights and Campaign Finance

The topic of voting rights and campaign finance in the United States (arguably two topics, but demonstrably linked) is tremendously controversial. As with many such topics, the mainstream media provides more heat than light, with pundits weighing in on one side or the other but providing information consumers with little new information. The goal of this new category …



8/10/2009 Mark Klein's Book, Other Issues Covered

Further revelations of Bush-era civil liberties depredations, and the continuation of some of these policies by the Obama administration, will continue to move this project forward in the upcoming weeks. Blackmax looks forward to reading and writing entries based on AT&T whistleblower Mark Klein’s new book, Wiring Up the Big Brother Machine. We welcome …



6/25/2008 Project Moving Forward

Some of the contributors and editors most involved in this project have temporarily refocused their efforts on related material in other projects, but this project continues to move forward. New material from a variety of sources, including What Happened by former White House secretary Scott McClellan, is in preparation. You’re invited to join the project.


12/24/2007 The Civil Liberties Project

This is the History Commons project for the loss of US civil liberties under the current administration, and before. We are currently focusing on several topics, including the expansion of executive power (the “unitary executive”), the NSA’s domestic surveillance program, the use of “national security letters” to force information …


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